Match Reports (Current Season)

21st October Match Reports

Ladies 1s

Oops posted match report on my own timeline so here’s a shorter version!

L1s won! 1-0 v Gore Court

Lucy Butcher scored off a short
Katherine Abbie put the ball up into her own throat
Amy York flashed her back
The umpire fell in a goal on the side line!

MoM Nicky Haden-Homer

DoD Emily Mulville for slow mo reverse pass to start second half

Ladies 2s

L2s had a groggy start against Havering. Got ourselves together in 2nd half but still lost 3-2.

MOM: Beth for a smashing goal

DOD: Kareen for her green card

Ladies 3s

L3’s played like pros, awesome tackling, passing and were generally in control 80% of the match and in the opposition’s half for most the match. Both umpires said to us that they don’t know how we lost. Obviously, the force field round their goal. We lost 1-0.

Ladies 4s

Ladies 4s celebrating 5-0 win and we saw a rainbow!! Jenny player of the match and goal scorers were Mel, Jane, and Natalie! Well done everyone!!

Men’s 1s

The management of Waltham Forest Men’s 1s had literally no idea what was in store them this week away against high flying Cambridge City. Winning away against top of the league two weeks ago, followed by a performance so poor against struggling Havering it was enough to make even the most loyal Cleveland Browns fan shudder, the bookies had real difficulties pricing in a performance.

Forest started a bit hit and miss. Making plenty of correct plays but struggling on the execution, they found themselves 1-0 down at halftime to the only defensive set play of the half. Then 2-0 following an unfortunate deflection from yet another set play. Several chances followed but unfortunately Jack Jacey was still digesting last night’s kebab and Nate ‘the hurricane’ Last was concentrating more on decapitating the keeper than putting the ball in the back of the net.

Unperturbed Forest abandoned their defence-first philosophy to go 3 at the back (-Mobo) with 4 minutes to play and reaped the reward with what can only be classified as an extremely fortunate deflected goal from stalwart centre back Chris Drewe. A mad period of play followed culminating in a Forest short corner accompanied by the final whistle. Then another short. And another. And another. Finally, to be buried with a low powerful drag flick by man of the match Dan Smith. 2-2. Bring on Bourne Deeping.

Men’s 2s

Men’s 2 match report – Upminster 2

I’ll keep this brief
Yogi won mom for one of the most dramatic role polis since Louis smiths entry at London 2012
Vinay was at Divali. Apparently.
We lost 5-0 and with not a single point to our name are now feeling lonelier than Theresa May in her recent encounter with Michelle Barnier

Forest 0 – Upminster 5

Men’s 3s

In spite of defeat the 3s had an incredible game. starting slowly and conceding early Forest found themselves behind. But after getting to know each other more we got foot into the game and equalised via in form striker with 10 goals in 5 games. But with Upminster skilful striker they retook the lead.

Then the 3’s got a short. And Mick I love you to bits. I’m not sure if they did something to you in North Korea and turned you into Hawkeye but that was a goal. Frank shot was on target because Frank never misses.

Also, shout out to the 2s for losing every week whilst giving us all their players

Men’s 4s


Men’s 5s

After the result we don’t talk about last week, the Men’s 5’s took on Tower Hamlets at Lee Valley for a 0930 pushback.

It could have been another difficult week, but I have to say a huge thanks to our 11 players this morning. We did lose 3-0 (1 short, 2 from open play) but if anyone knows the story behind Tower Hamlets then you will understand what a good result it is. We had a good period of possession during the second half with several short corners of our own but unfortunately just couldn’t find a way to score.

Certainly things to build upon gents.




Thanks to all those that played in our re-arranged mixture fixture at Lee Valley today.

Despite it being half term week, we managed to field a strong side but unfortunately came up against a stronger and very impressive East London 1’s team who came out on top today.

A special mention for Amy Robinson who put in a fine performance on her WFHC mixed debut (other games won’t be as tough as that, I promise). I also hope the shot to the ribs won’t be too painful tomorrow.

Thanks as usual to Russo senior for umpiring.

P3 W2 L1.

Faith Newland