Our Volunteers

Everyone involved with the running of Forest Flyerz, including coaches, is a volunteer. It takes a lot of volunteers to maintain the level of support that we want to provide for every session, and we’re very lucky to have such a committed and energetic bunch! If anyone would like to join our Flyerz volunteer team you will be very welcome, no experience necessary- contact David at flyerz@walthamforesthc.co.uk

All of our volunteers get an an immense amount of satisfaction and pride from volunteering with Forest Flyerz.
Check out some of our amazing volunteers below:

  • Dobby

    My name is Dobby, I run Forest Flyerz so look after all our volunteers, players and do all the admin side. I've been involved with Flyerz from the start and would be happy to chat to you if you're interested in getting involved! Please email me at flyerz@walthamforesthc.co.uk
  • Georgie

    I’m Georgie, I have a nine-year-old daughter who plays with the WHFC youth section, and I’ve just started volunteering with Forest Flyerz. I’m not experienced at hockey or volunteering but thought it would be easy to help out while my daughter trains on Tuesday evening. I can honestly say it’s been much more welcoming and fun than I ever thought volunteering could be, and I genuinely look forward to coming to see the players, coaches and other volunteers each week. It’s a really good laugh and immediately rewarding.
  • Lucy

    Hi, I’m Lucy, I have been a Forest Flyerz volunteer for 4 years and love it! I play for the Ladies 1st team at Waltham Forest and in my spare time, when not at the hockey club, I enjoy playing the cello and going to concerts.
  • Mel

    I'm Mel and I've been volunteering with with Forest Flyerz from the very beginning. I also play hockey for Ladies 4 and my children play in the youth section. In the little bit of my life left over I'm a teacher and listen to loud rock music.
  • Ray

    Hi, My name is Ray and I have been with Waltham Forest hockey club for over 12 years. I played as a goalkeeper, then a coach and an umpire. I have been involved with the Flyerz for over 5 years and am so proud to be part of a wonderful team and amazing players.
  • Ted

    Hello, my name is Ted and I play hockey badly! I was bringing my son to the sessions so he could play but I really liked the community feeling within the club. It’s a joy to be involved and helping out with the Flyerz.

Some of the reasons why our volunteers give up their time:

“I feel a deep pride that we are serving the local community and putting smiles onto kids faces”

“Through volunteering at Forest Flyerz I have joined a new community, made friends and got a great sense of achievement when I hear the positive feedback from the parents and carers”

“I have seen the young people gain in confidence and their concentration levels have improved. Their hockey skills are getting better every week and they seem to enjoy themselves”

“To date I personally have worked with the most physically challenged children, mostly on a one-to-one basis, and have always managed to get them to participate in some form of hockey exercise only to be told later by the parents that they didn’t expect to see this degree of participation on first attendence. The parents are extremely appreciative of our efforts and it is always good to read the feedback that we get in emails”

“The children appear to be enthusiastic week to week. I think from what we see as volunteers this is best demonstrated by the fact that the children appear to be more attentive each week and want to learn more so that they can play together”

“I can’t stop smiling at the end of the session!  I feel like I’ve done a really good thing and have been involved in helping a group of kids to have a really good time.  The final part of the session where each child receives a reward sticker provides such a supportive and positive environment”

“I’ve seen kids who struggled to take part in their first session becoming more and more involved in the tasks and able to concentrate for longer periods of time.  That’s a big deal”

“It is very rewarding when you see how much children have enjoyed the session and the excitement, too, at the start of the sessions. It is also a fantastic feeling when you see them achieve and perform the specific activity you have spent time trying to teach them”