Under 8s and Under 6s

Hockey sessions open to anyone under 8 years of age.

There’s no minimum age – if they can toddle, they can come along! Sessions are free for Under 6s, and just £25 for Under 8s. Try us out for a month for free first! Qualified & DBS checked club coaches run the sessions with help from other club volunteers.

The coaching team is usually: Philippa and a mix of Liz, Rosie, Tammy, Sagan, Hugo & Ben.

Click here for our our main Youth Section and other age groups.

Under 6 and Under 8 sessions are every week on Saturday morning: 9am-10am.

Please be on time! Sometimes the session ends at 9.45am if there is a match on at 10am.
We still run sessions if it’s just “normal” raining, but if it’s torrential rain forecast: then we might cancel the night before. If you want to check please call Philippa (07952 777824).

If you’re the adult bringing your little one – expect to grab a stick and join in! 🙂

For 2020, please complete a Track and Trace form: https://tinyurl.com/yxfc2ekh (our club is Waltham Forest, in the second list)

Please visit our club Covid page for guidance for participants.

The 2020/21 season starts: Sat 19 September 2020

**No session during half-term, Sat 25 October 2020**

We don’t play in January & February as it’s too blinking cold for the very little ones, so we restart in March and keep going throughout the summer – and then it’s once a fortnight from May to August.

Playing Strong

Under 8s v OLHC: we had one over 8 player, but for Mia, Temi, Toby, and Szymon; this was their first match. So great results on 22 Oct. Triumphant with 6 wins; with goals from Ali 3, Atilla 6, Barnaby 3, Louis 6, Mia, Szymon, Temi 2, Toby, and Tolga 2.

Waltham Forest kids celebrating their hockey victory

Visiting Old Loughts

Under 8s youth hockey coaching

Under 8s juniors in hockey match action

Local press coverage in December 2013 for our first Under 8s matches!

Newspaper article showing Under 8 kids playing first match
Newspaper article showing Under 8 kids playing first match