Match Reports (Current Season)

7th & 8th April 2018

Ladies 1s

Super short match report today as I’m pooped. Ladies 1s won 2-0 today!! Great effort in the heat! Faith scored both goals!!!!! Emily got a green card and refused to leave the pitch. Philippa and Faith were awesome and shared joint MoM. Emily of course got DoD! Well done everyone! 🙂 One more game to go next Sunday!

Ladies 2s

Today Ladies 2’s played Harlow in a must win game. According to coach James we had 59 shots at goal but only scored 14!😬 BUT we won!

Ladies 3s

Ladies 4s

Ladies 5s

Men’s 1s

Men’s 2s

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8th April

Ladies 2s

Ladies 2’s played Brentwood 2’s today. We started off a little on the back foot which led to an unfortunate goal against us. We equalised, then they scored and we equalised again. The score at half time was 2-2. We had a few words from James and went out again. Brentwood scores again off a short corner, making it 3-2 to them. We weren’t having that so we scored again! Unfortunately they were given a P-flick when HH decided to use her great football skills and save a ball that could have gone in. We were quite nervous but Michelle made an incredible save in goal, keeping the score at 3-3. We were then awarded a P-flick which Mili took to perfection – dominating the bottom right hand corner of the goal (and the keeper)!

After Michelle’s P-flick we stepped up our game and the final score was 6-3 to us! One more match to go! We are now safe!!!😊

Faith Newland