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8th April

Men’s 4s D4-4 Otters Buoyed by some guest appearances the Otters put in a much improved performance for our final match, albeit a losing one. We trailed for virtually the whole game though never felt out of it as goals from Shane, Daniel, and the Captain kept us close. With the large number of substitutes,… Read more »

1st April 2017

Ladies 1s A valiant effort by the ladies 1s in their last game of the season! Fish left home without her stick, got taken out by the sandpit and was off for the rest of the game, Kat’s back went, I got hit on the foot and looks potentially broken, Izzy got her first green… Read more »

25th March 2017

Ladies 1s L1s beat undefeated, promoted East London 3-2, that is all! Men’s 1s L3-1 Ladies 2s L2s WON!!!!! WE WON!!!!!!!! WE ACTUALLY WON!!!!!!!!! We played awesome hockey spurred on by a superb cheerleading team on the side-line (thanks L1s) and Lydia Hale scored that all important goal!! Lydia also got MOM for the goal… Read more »

18th March 2017

Ladies 1s L1s started with the big red car breaking down stranding 5 players. Luckily Emma Haward answered her phone and Ashley-Mark Perhat who had been considering coming to watch before he found out we were going to Canterbury came to the rescue! When we finally all made it to Canterbury we knew it was… Read more »

11th March 2017

Ladies 1s L1s took on Ashford today. After insisting on going in the men’s changing rooms, they were smart though weren’t they Lucy, taking the micky out of Emma Haward’s fashion sense and posing for a team photo before realising we didn’t have anyone to take a photo we got going! We had a good… Read more »

4th March 2017

Ladies 1s L1s headed to Havering for a six pointer(!?) match. With a few players slightly on the edge after the opposite of a quiet night in we had an interesting warm-up with Amy York pulling some shapes and Izzy being flummoxed by the tree not once but twice. Anyway, the game started pretty evenly… Read more »

25th February 2017

Ladies 1s Sooo this week L1s headed to Basildon looking for our fourth win in a row. A few players took a tour of Baz vegas but finally managed to join us and Katherine Abbie’s failed ‘your mum’ joke provider some changing room merriment. Anyway, the game… We took a while to get going and… Read more »

18th February 2017

Ladies 1s L1s win again! 2-1 at home to Gore Court. Not the best game we’ve ever played but another important win. Good news is Emma Haward’s dramatic fall over wasn’t half as serious as she made out, Lucy Butcher and Lucie Fish scored lovely worked goals, I’m still not allowed to play in defence… Read more »

11th February 2017

Ladies 1s Can you believe it, L1s went and won again! 3-2 v Blackheath! First thing to share is that Mog hurt her shoulder opening Strongbow. Then today these things happened in some order: We did some wonderful passing Lucy Butcher scored twice!

4th February 2017

Ladies 1s L1s won! I repeat L1s won! L1s headed to top of the league Burnt Ash. The journey started slightly precariously when the Fish-mobile’s brakes went, luckily we made it safely. Then there was drama in the changing room when Claire Shrimpie Boyling took the toilet door off, who knew she was so strong!… Read more »