Match Reports (Current Season)

27th January 2018

Ladies 1s

Ladies 1s won!!!! Here comes a bullet point match report:

Amy forgot the balls AGAIN

Isabelle turned 16 this week – no Uzair we cannot now get her drunk!!!

Laura didn’t go out last night!

Katherine didn’t go out but may as well have done. Thanks Fish!

Kirsten stepped up and had an absolute stormer of a game!!!

I scored 2 goals.

They scored one goal

Nicky didn’t know what the score was or that we’d won, oh she also got a green card!

Mog bought gone off chocs for the MoM prize. Yum.

We had support on the side line from 2 lovely ladies from the 2s! Thank you D and Zoe!

MoM – Me

DoD – Nicky VG

SUCH a great game! Thank you ladies,really enjoyed it!!

Ladies 2s


Ladies 3s


Ladies 4s

The ladies 4s travelled to sunny Southend today to play our match that was postponed earlier in the season, good job too as we only had 9 players for the original game.

Today we had 11 fine and enthusiastic players.

Good things:

It was warm and sunny
We had a good time
We had a full team
No one was hurt
We showed real determination when going for the ball (leading to a selection of people falling over and lying on the floor)

Bad things

We lost 13 nil but let’s gloss over that!

Game 28/01

Men’s 1s

1s lost 10-2 last Sunday. 3-2 down with 25 minutes to play maybe gets lost in the background when something like this happens. Wapping 2s were good. I almost forgot to add that Rob Humphrey scored a cracking first time half volley after being promised an Xbox if he scored from his missus.

Today we hosted Cambridge City 2s who are running away with the league. We lost but the game was close throughout. At 1-0 down we had numerous chances which we couldn’t quite put away. 3-0 final score.

Dan Smith got man of the match for a solid performance as captain. Fair to say the DOD turned up with a broken limb, supported the team and lost a popularity vote. Whatever.

Men’s 2s

The men’s 2s lost today. Not a day to write home about. 15-0.
Started with 11, then gradually down to 9 players through injury.
Great effort from all 11 and a big thank you to Gary Joy for stepping in to umpire.

Next match: Tomorrow against Redbridge at half 2. We’re on straight after the Legends match, so come cheers us on!

The Men’s 2s welcomed Redbridge 1s today, with much more to write home about. We drew 4-4 with the last stroke of the match, in what proved to be a testy match.

Big effort from all 12 and also our umpire Gary Joy today. Special call outs for:
-Joy umpired his fifth match this weekend, so massive thanks to him. He’s in line for a few drinks from us!
-Biel Schreuder for stepping up to the 2s today
-Kristis Bubnelis, Ben Norton, James Price and Jonathan Jones for stepping in for us too.

In short, we were 2-2 at half time and equalised just before half time. The match was stretched in the second half, and again we equalised at the death to make it 4-4 for a very well deserved point against third in the league. Goals came from Kristis, the Price (x2) and Biel. All a result of sublime hockey and huge commitment. Priceys nose was one casualty there, hoping it’s iced up for the next few days.

MoM is Biel for stepping up, scoring the equaliser and some brilliant hockey.

PoP is Pricey for bringing bloodsports into club hockey and hattrick avoidance.

Men’s 3s


Men’s 4s


Men’s 5s

The Men’s 5’s opened today’s play at the Academy with a 10:00 pushback against Crostyx. To be fair, Crostyx had the better portion of the first half and scored from two well taken short corner routines to lead 2-0. However, a clear winner for goal of the season with a full pitch run and finish from young William Farrow gave the 5’s a boost towards the end of the first half and we finished the stronger. The 5’s pushed hard in the second half and as a result got caught a couple of times with Crostyx being very clinical when in the D. We did manage to score again with a great finish from Samuel Owen (that’s both goals from U’14 players) which led to a final result of 5-2 to the Oppo. Good effort and running from all today, pleasure to Captain the team and to witness that fine goal.


No Game

Faith Newland