Jack Petchey Award Winners

Month Winner Reason
Nov-12 Isabel Shields Assisting with coaching the u14s, completing the foundation umpire course, moving up to play ladies 2s and showing a willingness to be involved in loads of activities
Jan-13 Shaney Anton Allen A really reliable attender, he tackles every task with enthusiasm, he’s ultra positive and is a great role model to the rest of the group. The others really look up to him and his hockey’s come on substantially in the past year
Feb-13 Sam Owen Showing real dedication in training, helping out the u12 girls, u14 girls and u14 boys as required at games and always giving 100% plus scoring a goal to see Waltham Forest beat Crostyx for the first time in the alliance league
Mar-13 Jack Rumbold Always willing to help out having recently completed his foundation umpire qualification and a regular at Youth events, Jack has also made the left back position in the Men\’s 3s his own after stepping up in September
Apr-13 Crystal Shelley Having joined in September, Crystal has become a really confident and strong member of the u14s and is doing a great job in the London Youth Games squad of breaking down the barries between the different clubs participating
May-13 Adam Billett Despite being much smaller and younger than the majority of the LYG squad, Adam has shown real commitment and graft to prove himself and has emerged as one of the strongest defenders in the group
Jun-13 Lauren Noe A really committed volunteer who is unfortunately off to university in September, she is incredibly reliable event attending during the middle of her A level exams while she is always so positive and friendly that she does a brilliant job of getting all the Flyerz involved with the sessions
Sep-13 Ella Menzie Showing great progression playing for u12s this season with real awareness of the game and asking to start working on key team skills like the press and attacking / defensive options.
Oct-13 Mabel Mundy Stepping up from being one of the juniors at training last year to now teaching the u10s and developing some of them substantially in the first few months of the season.
Nov-13 Mohad Irfan Showing real progress in recent weeks and agreeing to assist the girls team by playing for them at a recent tournament scoring 7 goals and setting up a further 3.
Jan-14 Suzanna Martin Always happy to take anything on, Suzy has captained our Ladies 2s teams on numerous occasions recently when the captain wasn’t available while also undertaking the painful job of finding umpires. She’s also doing a great job of keeping us sociable by organising for us to go on Tour this summer
Feb-14 Sophie Walker Despite being one of the only girls in her training group, Sophie is always really committed and keen to get involved, even if it means having to tackle the boys. Having stepped up to u12s, she has shown a tenacity to improve so that she can compete with the older kids
Mar-14 Shane Crowe Flyerz player who has successfully taken his Level 1 coaching course and now leads the Flyerz warm-ups and assists with coaching. Shane is also our first member of the disability section to play in a Waltham Forest adult team and has represented Flyerz as part of the first ever British team to attend a para hockey tournament in Holland
Apr-14 Kiesha Dwyer Having recently moved up to start adult training and playing for the Ladies 5s, Kiesha has grown in confidence, getting more and more involved in games and even scoring her first goal for the team
May-14 Cleo Lyn Lead Coach at Forest Flyerz who has helped us to develop the sessions and challenge the players to achieve their potential leading to the team entering their first official Disability Hockey competition
Sep-14 Adam Billett He has been a committed young member of the hockey club for a number of years. He assists his younger sister with coaching and has helped umpire in Under 8 matches. He’s a great example to the younger children not just of helping out but also has shown great leadership skills when playing in his team, both mentoring younger players, by playing his heart out at tournaments and by captaining his team and giving encouragement and advice to the younger players. Recently he has also stepped up to play adult hockey with the men’s 5th team. Keen to learn and improve, he is always respectful and interested in progressing.
Oct-14 Lydia Hale Lydia was nominated for two reasons. One for her involvement in youth coaching, and two for her development as an adult player by playing and training with the adult ladies first team. Lydia is an enthusiastic and committed member of the youth coaching team – she coaches the U10 players at the hockey club, takes a strong interest in each player. She also attends the youth matches as a team manager giving support and encouragement to the youngsters. Lydia was recently given the opportunity to play in our ladies first team – moving up 4 divisions of play at the time. The coach and captain have been really pleased with her progress and development. She’s a more confident player and her hockey has improved dramatically as a result.
Nov-14 Shabaz Ichon Shabaz is a new member of our disability hockey team, the Forest Flyerz. He can’t see or communicate well but he has really impressed his coaches! He has progressed enormously since the beginning of the season. He has engaged in sessions and for the first time has been able to push and dribble a ball.
Jan-15 Nate Last Nate has scored at least 15 goals in his first season for the M3s (having been drafted in from the M5s over the summer) including 3 hattricks. This is a fantastic achievement a young player. Nate also regularly volunteers as a coach at youth sessions and is a valuable role model for the younger children.
Feb-15 Daniel Clark Daniel is the youngest member of the adult M3 team and has been a consistent member in the 2014/15 season. He’s impressed his team mates and has been voted as Mam of the Match 4 times (plus scoring 3 goals). The team was also promoted at the end of the season. Daniel volunteers at the youth coaching sessions and has been helping the younger players to improve their skills.
Mar-15 Joseph Young Joseph has been nominated for volunteering to umpire youth games on several occassions. He’s willing and happy to do so and this is a great example to set for his fellow players. He was also a team captain at a recent tournament and rose to the occasion.
Apr-15 Mudasser Arshad Mudassar is a member of our disability hockey section, Forest Flyerz. This year he has really improved both his hockey skills and his ability to follow instructions and play as part of a team. Mudassar has been training with the mainstream section for most of the season. He’s an ambassador of being inclusive. He’s always determined to improve and helps his fellow flyerz in sessions, and motivates the mainstream younger youth to do better. He’s really a joy to have a round and is a wonderful role model.
Oct-15 Martha Watson Martha has been volunteering as a GK coach for some time – not only coaching the younger kids, but also adults who are new to hockey. She’s also been a regular in goal for a number of teams: performing well in the under-14 boys league, regularly featuring in the FRE Flyerz Lee Valley league, as well as being a fixture in the Ladies L3 team, including appearances for the L2 and other teams. Martha is so keen in everything she does with hockey and her enthusiasm is infectious and a joy to see.
Nov-15 Dhillon Rai-Green Dhillon has nominated for battling and holding his own in the U-14 games against much older players. He’s been central to the excellent U-12 results so far – including come-from-behind wins which demonstrate the spirit in the team. His never say die attitude is a real inspiration to everyone around him, and he’s improving his hockey all the time.
Jan-16 Roni Gonul Roni is 11 and a committed Flyerz player. He has been with us for several seasons but over the past few months Roni has become much more confident, helped lead warm-ups and took the brave step of playing in his first Flyerz game against members of WFHC’s youth section.
Feb-16 Stuart Cuff Stuart puts in exemplary behaviour and effort at adult training, as well as at youth training. His play has come on massively and he has been central to the improved under-12 tournament performances, and has held his own in under-14 matches. Stuart was also spotted by the U13 Essex coach and invited to train with the county team at JAC level. At a recent youth tournament he also volunteered himself to umpire the U10 matches whilst waiting for his own tournament. He got involved, did a great job, and is a good example to everyone around him.
Mar-16 Owen Doody Owen has grown in strength over the last season and has not let his disabilities hold him back.  He has become an integral part the 5’s holding his own against older players, he has also found his voice on the pitch and with his teammates, offering support and encouragement. He also offers on regular basis to assist playing for the Otters when there are short on players.  Owen’s game has come on tremendously this season, he has matured greatly and shown leadership qualities in the matches, winning man of the match on at least one occasion.
Apr-16 Tim Slack Tim has played a few games for the men’s 1st team this season and the captain has been very impressed with his attitude and potential. Whilst he hasn’t yet cemented a regular place in the team, stepping up from the 3s he’s done a good job for the team and is expected to be challenging for a regular place next season. With the gulf between the 3s and 1s the capt has said that “he wouldn’t imagine anyone being able to do much better than he has done and he deserves JP to recognise his progress up the ranks within the club”.
Oct-16 Isabelle Scerri Winner! Isabelle Scerri deservedly won the club’s October Jack Petchey Achievement Award. A member of our youth system since the age of 7, now 14 Isabelle’s currently playing and holding her own in the Ladies 1s. Has scored 5 goals (currently more than anyone else in the team) and is frequently nominated for Player of the Match
Nov-16 Rosie Crowe Rosie Crowe has been a member of Forest Flyerz since it started 5 years ago. She is a regular at our weekly sessions and one-off events. We’re particularly proud of Rosie this month as she has been trying new equipment to help us develop inclusive hockey. This has included different types of shin pads and floor lacrosse sticks (photo attached). We will share our learning with other Flyerz clubs and our funder Access Sport so hopefully more players will be able to play hockey safely.
Jan-17 Sammy Redley Sammy’s been a contender for the Jack Petchey Achievement award for some time. This is the second season that he’s been playing in u14 team, despite still being in the u12s this year and u11 last year. Sammy has also featured in the London Youth Games team and is a fearless and accomplished young player. His achievement of being a good player comes from his great attitude, he listens, works hard and the way he plays shows that anything is possible.
Feb-17 Ruby Huish Ruby is another u12 player who has made the jump to the u14 team. She’s frequently on the scoresheet, but in a January u12 tournament she managed to score 10 goals across the day! She also notched the winner in a recent u14 win. Ruby is always keen to practice and works very hard when challenged. Ruby has also been selected into the U13 Essex county JAC team.
Mar-17 Lucie Hatley Lucie has been volunteering with the youth section as a coach. She’s taken to it incredibly well, delivering engaging and fun activities for the beginners and young players who join the hockey club. Alongside this, Lucie has also had a great season playing with the U14 girls and has won the U14 Player of the Year award in her first full season with the club.
Apr-17 Molly Paton Molly has been a long-standing, committed Flyerz player but in the last few months she has shown marked progress in her hockey skills and confidence. We have set her more challenging drills and she has responded well. Molly is one of only two girls in a group of around 15 and we have seen her grow more confident, pushing herself to get more involved in games, as well as showing new coaches her skills.
Oct-17 Chisomo Kagoya Chisomo is relatively new to the sport of hockey, just coming along initially to join in with another family member. In the past year he has steadily improved into a reliable member of the U14 squad, playing with skill, speed and scoring numerous goals. He is also playing in the Otters devlopment team for the club, in the adult leagues. As well as playing with maturity, he reads the game well, always focuses and listens.
In addition to his improvements on the field, Chiso has also been volunteering this season. He took a Young Leader “Go Lead” course over the summer and has been a regular coach of the young beginners at the club. He’s a real role model and a delight to have in the hockey club.
Nov-17 Sella Kagoya Sella has been volunteering with the youth section of the hockey club, look after the Under 10 girls. She is another great role model at the club, giving up her time and energy to help those younger than her learn and enjoy hockey. Over the summer she took a Young Leader “Go Lead” course, and has continued to improve her coaching throughout this season. On the hockey pitch, Sella is a strong member of the Under 14 girls team and recently scored 2 goals through persistance and determination on the pitch. Sella is a great example to her team mates and to her younger charges.
Jan-18 Archie Watson Archie has made impressive strides this season playing for the mens teams. Archie comes along regularly to help coach the younger players as a volunteer on Tuesdays, and helps out when he’s asked to, and in his first adult season has played up for 4s and 5s when needed, as well as being a central player for Otters and Grasshoppers teams. Archie also became an Essex Young Umpire after taking the course this season.
Feb-18 Trixie Geddes Trixie has been volunteering with the Under 10 girls all season. She is showing improved leadership skills coaching and building her confidence taking charge of the warm up and various coaching activities.
Trixie continues to play for the adult teams and has shown herself to be a reliable and talented defender. She’s a good role model for the younger girls and despite a busy life, it’s rare for Trixie to miss her hockey sessions.
Mar-18 Siobhan Daley Siobhan has been selected to the Under 14 girls team this season despite being only 11 years old. She regularly trains with the older girls and even made an appearance as a sub for the U16 team. Her hockey skills are impressive and she is a very coachable player. She listens, she works hard and she is determined to be successful. She was also selected for the U14 London Youth Games squad and scored 3 goals and a flick as the team qualified for the finals. More than any other player in the team!
Apr-18 Nirmiith Narayanamoorthy Nirmiith has worked hard being part of Flyerz Eagles and playing with older team mates. He’s dedicated to playing in all weathers and works well as part of a team – thinking about the wellbeing of his team mates as well as how to work together to score goals!
Oct-18 Mark Gordon Mark is one of our most dedicated club members – his attendance is the highest,and he’s often early showing a real dedication and commitment to the club. In the same vein, Mark has been ever-present for Under 14 team this season, solid defending and good skills carrying the ball out of defence. He has shown new leadership skills in helping the younger players who have been called up, giving them encouragement and pointers. It’s great that at such a young age he is showing this maturity as a team player.
Nov-18 Imogen Du Bois Imogen has been playing a stormer in goal this season and has stepped up to the Ladies 2s squad. She (at the time of writing) has the best record of all the goal keepers at the hockey club and plays with an athleticism and fearlessness that is genuinely an achievement in itself. Imy has been more committed this season, and is keen to keep improving and helps encourage the younger keepers in the sessions too.
Jan-19  Kyrill Borzenko Kyrill won the U16 Volunteer of the year at the Borough awards in November. He has been coaching with the hockey club as part of his DofE, and he has even turned up to help coach the adult beginners.
He is very kind and informative to the children, he’s resourceful and helpful. He has planned and run his own drills and is a valuable member of our coaching team at the hockey club.
Feb-19 Shannon Graham-Martin Shannon took on the challenge of playing with the adult teams in the Essex hockey league as soon as she turned 13. Despite being nervous Shannon has gone on to score more than 16 goals in half a season and most of those goals led the team on to record a good number of victories. Shannon frequently scores goals for her U14 team too of course, but it’s her achievement in the adult league that has earned this award.
Mar-19  Alice Spain Alice bravely stepped in to fulfill the role of goalkeeper when the team didn’t have one for a cup competition. She trained hard, both at coaching sessions and in her spare time. She researched online and has now mastered putting on the kit in record time. Alice was highly praised for her achievements in goal – in the following tournament, she made a lot of saves and didn’t let in one goal. Soon after, Alice stepped up to play for the U14s in goal and was highly praised by the opposition coach. Alice was nervous at all times performing this new role but she faced her fears and has knocked them out of the park!
Apr-19  Travis Porter Travis has been a model hockey player this year. Not only has he been a standout Flyerz player in both his technical ability and enthusiasm for playing, but also the way he has been able to aid coaches by offering help with drills and bringing others into games by ensuring they get time on the ball during matches. He has also been picked to represent GB at the European ParaHockey tournament in Antwerp, which is a wonderful achievement in it’s own right!
Oct-20 David Kagoya David has returned to hockey training enthusiastically after a year away in France. He has been taking all the u14 opportunities to train and play and his performances on the pitch are improving week on week. This year David has also stepped up to help coach the younger U10 boys on Tuesdays, and the U8s and U6s groups on Saturday mornings, so is proving himself to be both a regular and an important member of the hockey club. At only 12 years old it’s great to see David giving back through volunteering at the hockey club.
Nov-20 Alyssa Marshall Alyssa has made an impressive start as goal keeper during this hockey season having been promoted to the ladies 2nd team. Her performances have improved week on week, with her range of skills and techniques steadily increasing. Alyssa has also taken the umpiring course and despite some nerves she stepped in and umpired her first matches. Alyssa is a valuable member of the hockey club both as a junior and adult and it’s great to see her progress over the years.
Mar-21 Charlotte Lovell Charlotte threw herself into the lockdown challenges, amassing 300 Squats, 2000+ Burpees, 2000+ Sit Ups and 1721 Press Ups. Not only was this considerably more than everyone else, she did it with dedication and enjoyment (and also during French lessons she admitted to me!). Due to a timetable clash Charlotte couldn’t always attend her age group hockey training, so was invited to the ladies 2nd team session. She has impressed every single adult with her work rate, her speed, agility, tenacity and effort. She has handled the increase in level, isn’t scared to ask questions, is polite and a pleasure to have at the club. Well done Charlotte!
Apr-21 Eddie Silcock
May-21 Patryk Darecki Patryk has started to show the maturity to match his talent, Captaining the Under-14 side to two comfortable victories. He led by example with his workrate, and encouraged the more inexperienced players, involving them in the game, as well as scoring some good goals himself.
June-21 Shiloh Jones Shiloh has developed into a powerful, thoughtful and athletic hockey player. In two recent resounding Under-14 victories against Blueharts and Crostyx he broke up every attack when playing in defence, and when moved up to midfield he even scored a couple of goals. A feat he replicated in a friendly match against an adult team.
Oct-21 Oscar Russell Oscar started playing adult hockey this season and has performed with skill and resilience against experienced opponents. His calm and thoughtful approach made him an obvious choice to Captain the under-14s and he has flourished in the role, organising attack and defence, and making sure the boys stick to the formation and game plan on the pitch. He has also shown great maturity in welcoming younger players into the side, offering encouragement, involving them in play, and making them feel part of the squad.
Nov-21 Daniel Palmer Daniel has shown real resilience and determination this year to re-trial for the Essex County hockey team when he missed out on selection last year. Instead of giving up, Daniel has worked hard to keep improving and was successfully selected for the U13 team. Whilst still 12 years old, he also had the courage to play in the U16 team when they were short of players. Daniel is a very dedicated member of the hockey club, and his commitment to practicing has seen a huge improvement in his performances. Including scoring a goal in his debut match in the adult league, and winning the MVP vote in the following match.
Jan-22 Owen Keen Through Owen’s years in under-12, under-14, and under-16 hockey and in his first full season in adult hockey he has displayed the same characteristics: 100% effort at training and in matches, desire to learn, and a willingness to take on whatever role is needed. Whether that be up front, in defence or even in goal he takes on the task with a smile on his face and maximum effort. To highlight that variety he scored the first goals for the Mens 5s this season, and also appeared as a goalkeeper for the opposition when the under-14 boys played a friendly against Saffron Walden so that we could have a proper game. He is always the first to offer to help out, and has also been turning out in all weather to umpire at youth tournaments. This award is a great opportunity to recognise all those things Owen does that often go unnoticed
Feb-22 Kate Barker Kate has been a committed member of the hockey club since 2015, showing improvement year on year. This year she began playing with the ladies 3rd team, and was quickly spotted and moved up to play 2s as well as train with the 1s. Her performances in matches and training have led her to be invited to play with the ladies 1st team as well. It’s not just performance though that makes Kate deserve this award. She is always practicing, she works hard and listens and tries new skills. Kate has also begun volunteering to coach the younger children, showing initiative, approachability and responsibility. She has led the small bootcamp group on her own and the newbies have all stayed on and loved their training with her. Indeed Kate is always calm and kind and has helped to look after and mentor the younger players on the pitch. Kate is a fantastic role model and an asset to the hockey club.
Mar-22 Tuesday Rice When her team had entered the Essex Cup competition and didn’t have a goalie, Tuesday took on the challenge when no one else would. She sacrificed her own outfield playing time so that the other girls (and indeed the team) could play, and despite initial reluctance and fears, Tuesday faced those fears and did it anyway. Tuesday trained in goal for just 2 sessions before the big day, and on the day itself she excelled. She made some incredible saves, keeping the score lines competitive and she did it all with a brave smile on her face. Tuesday epitomised what it is to be a good team mate, and to take on a challenge where she wasn’t comfortable but proved to herself that she could do it. Well done Tuesday!
Apr-22 Luca Frodsham Luca began his first season of adult hockey with the Mens 5th team, and the strength of his performances earned him a mid-season promotion to the 3rd team. Far from daunted, several goals and man of the match displays brought him even further elevation to the Mens 2nd team before the end of the season. Additionally at under-14 level he has been at the forefront of the Boys’ England Hockey Cup run and the great run of results which resulted in a second place finish in our Tier 1 League, helping to drive us to heights we have not previously reached. To have achieved so much in a first adult season is unprecedented at the Club, and testament to Luca’s talent, hard work and dedication.